Our visitor guide in english language

With the rattling of the stork we welcome you to the eco-village Brodowin! Immerse yourself with us in the enchanting landscape around our village. At this point we offer an introduction to our visitor guidance system and extend a warm welcome.

Short introduction to our visitor guidance system

We have put together the following tours for you:

Bellevue path: 1.5 km in length. It takes about 25 minutes. Enjoy splendid views over the cow pasture to the Weißensee and the wonder- and peaceful outlook at the end of the path. The Bellevue path is not a circular route. The animal marking on the signpost stones is the greylag goose.

Land culture path, Landkulturpfad, Hof Schwalbennest: This path is 2.5 kilometers long and it will take you about 1.5 hours. Learn something about the history of the former manor village Pehlitz and the Demeter farm Schwalbennest. The circular route takes you through a ravine and through meadows and fields. The marker for this path is the barn swallow.

The Kossäten tour: It is 5 km long and you will take about 1.5 hours. Get to know the variety of the Brodowin fields on this scenic circular route with the most beautiful unpaved road in Brodowin and an unusual panoramic view. The animal on the signpost stones is the fire-bellied toad.

The Rummelsberg tour: It is 7 km long and takes about 2 hours. Here you come closer to the ice age. You will learn how glaciers once modelled the landscape. The panoramic view from the Little Rummelsberg gives you a unique overview from the World Natural Heritage Grumsin to Poland - and our information boards permit exciting insights. The animal on our signpost stones is the swallowtail.

The Plagefenn Tour: At 12 km in length, it is our longest proposed tour. You will need about 3.5 hours for this hike. After passing the former pioneer camp A.S. Makarenko you enter the wild forest. Discover enchanted mires and unspoiled alder clusters. But be careful: During summer you can expect countless mosquitos. The marking animal for this tour is not the mosquito, but the crane.

The Brodowin landscape was shaped by the last ice age, which left many large and small stones. Boulders or large field stones on which round metal panels are attached are the basic element of our visitor guidance system.

There are also smaller stone signpost with texts and coloured markings. There are five welcome points. You will find them at the farm shop, on the village green, at the southern end of the village at the bus turning loop, at the Little Rummelsberg and in Pehlitz. At these points you will find basic information on the guidance system, an overview map and special explanations for the respective location.

The welcome points are also the starting points for the hiking trails and paths. You will be guided by the small stone signposts - every tour and path has a guide animal, which is shown on the path markings. Along the trails and paths there are stations where one or more plaques, usually attached to stones, point out special features.

For each station you can find more detailed texts, background information and sources in our brochure "Hiking around Brodowin – Wandern rund um Brodowin", available in the farm shop and in many of the village's accommodations.

You can thus choose between three levels of immersion:
1. Just walk or cycle the paths and enjoy the landscape without being “overwhelmed” with information.
2. If you want, take a short or long break at the stations and let yourself be seduced to read and look at the plaques.
3. Anyone who would like further information is invited to read our brochure or our website before, during or after the hike when they are back home.

A few more requests

We love our village Brodowin and our landscape. Help us preserve both.


Please take your rubbish and any garbage left by others with you and dispose of it at home.

When the grain is still low, many fields look like green meadows. During the cultivation period - i.e. between sowing and harvesting - you should not enter them, because the young plants are easily damaged and it diminishes the yields on which the farmers live. Please also leave flowers alone and ensure their continued existence, because there are many rare species in Brodowin.

If you bring a dog with you, please keep it on a leash during the breeding and rearing period from March to the end of June.

The Brodowin lakes are also a gem.  The use of "all kinds of watercraft“ are not permitted.

Thank you very much for your consideration! We wish you many wonderful experiences with us in Brodowin.